Can You Use Escorts For Other Services?

Why do men - or women for that matter - use the services of an escort? Our first answer to that question would be ‘why not?’ And the second answer would be very lengthy indeed. That’s because escorts are booked by the general public for a variety of reasons - some commercial and other intensely private. Some of those are outlined below:

To combat loneliness

Yes, sometimes clients just want to sit and chat. They need someone to listen to them because when they go home at the end of their working day there’s no-one in the house to greet them or say goodnight to at the end of an evening.

With so many people moving away from where they grew up, usually to find work or study, there’s not always family at hand. And, for many ambitious city types, work is all-consuming - to the extent they don’t even have time to socialise. The easiest thing for them to do at the end of a hectic working day is to pick up the phone and have a escort come visit.

As a dining companion in a strange city

Many clients are businessmen who tend to travel around a lot for work. This means they can often end up in a city they don’t know very well and where they are a virtual stranger. No-one wants to eat hotel food every night so understandably a businessman may pick up the phone and call an escort so he doesn’t have to dine in a fancy restaurant alone.

To experience physical touch

In a similar vein to the first reason we mentioned in this article, not having a partner or a close intimate friend means never being touched in a tender manner. With an escort you can enjoy the sensation of being touched by another human being, without the need for an ongoing and time-consuming full-scale relationship.

To enhance a corporate event

Some escorts are hired on a regular basis by companies to add glamour to a corporate event or party. It’s more than just handing round the canapes or sitting on a car bonnet. Today’s ‘corporate escorts’ are expected to mingle with guests and accompany them to dinner. Escorts who speak a variety of foreign languages - or one fluently - are particularly prized, we’ve found.

To attend a party as part of a couple

None of us like to feel a spare part at a get-together. So it’s understandable that when a client gets invited to a ‘couples event’ and he (or she) is single, they will hire an escort along as a companion for the evening.

It could be too a social event such as a wedding or special anniversary party. Then again, it’s not unheard of for an executive to hire ‘a girlfriend or fiancee’ for the night when the visiting international CEO and his top team have invited him out for dinner.

The above are just of the reasons clients hire escorts. We’re sure you can come up with others as you’re reading this…