Life Of An Escort: Amy Part 1

Italian Tantric or Indian Ayurvedic?

As an Italian lady living in London I’m not such an oddity - there are so many different nationalities here. But when I go up to Scotland, in particular, I really stand out. Not Edinburgh so much, but definitely further north in Aberdeen. I have two clients who work in executive positions within the oil industry up there, you see. And this means I have become a familiar face in the ‘granite city’ - or what I mean to say is, I’ve become used to the place (although not the freezing cold, which always seems to be around!).

Eating out in Aberdeen

If you have ever been, you will know that Aberdeen is a city with fabulous restaurants. Both my clients get a great thrill in treating me to the best cuisine in town each time I arrive for the weekend (they do not treat me together, obviously!). Although I am not averse to the odd threesome, certainly…

One of my clients - let’s call him Jack - really outdid himself last month when I went to stay with him for a few days. He booked us into the luxurious and very decadent, Gleneagles Hotel. This gorgeous, elegant five star hotel dates back to 1924, is famous for its golf course and has a two Michelin-starred restaurant. Well lovelies, what’s not to like?!

Ayurvedic versus Tantric massage

Anyways, as you can imagine I spent lots of time at the Spa there. It is the first time I have tried an Ayurvedic massage. This is where they actually pour warm oil on your forehead as part of the treatment. I must say it was extremely relaxing. Is it better than the Tantric massage that I offer though? Hmm…. Lovelies, the jury is definitely out on that one. Perhaps I should have asked Jack while I was there though. He indulged in several Tantric massages over the three days although, admittedly, he did not have the Ayurvedic massage to compare it with. Ah well, next time we will have that competition!

Next month I’m due to visit my other Aberdeen client, and for a week this time. He is much younger than Jack. In fact, he is one of my youngest ever clients at the moment, since he is only 24. Why does he not have a girlfriend? Well he tells me that he works so much he does not have the time to concentrate on a full-time relationship. I understand this.

Working as an escort I too have trouble arranging to meet up with friends, even, never mind a boyfriend. That is because I just do not know when a client will unexpectedly be in touch and desperate to see me. And if he is a favourite client then I will always make time.

One day I am sure my life will slow down but you know what? Right now I am enjoying myself so much that I honestly do not mind the fast pace it speeds past at. And anyway, isn’t that so much better than feeling as if time is ticking by? Why not come and join me in this whirlwind adventure of mine?

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