Life On An Escort: Flory Part 1

Needling for your very own Nurse?

With my long black hair and penchant for black see-through clothing I often get accused of being a bit of a vixen. And yes, I can be wild and even villainous when the occasion arises but actually, I’m a sweet little thing too.

For instance, I love flowers - so feel free to bring me some anytime you like, darlings. My favourite is red roses (yes, I know there are connotations but really, who cares?). I love the way that they’re beautiful but demanding too in that if you don’t pay attention to them the chances are one of the flower’s thorns will make you bleed.

My nice, nurturing bedside manner

I also love to take care of people and, in fact, one of my specialities is role playing. I have this cute little nurses uniform that I like to dress up in. It makes me feel responsible and ready to administer all sorts of treatments. These are regimes that I believe your body needs to make you well again. Certainly, they are not treatments you would find on an NHS ward but then my treatments haven’t exactly been approved by the General Medical Council. Not that it hasn’t been witnessed by the occasional doctor or even surgeon, mind you…

So anyway, when you come to see me as my patient and I’m wearing my nurse uniform we usually start with a little questionnaire about your likes and dislikes and where exactly you feel pain. We will then go on to the examination. This usually results in you taking off most of your clothing. Often I like to examine my clients prostrate on the bed (them, not me!). Sometimes they refuse to lie down so have to be restrained. This can be painful but, as I will have explained earlier, it’s for your own good.

So, after this the massage and general manipulation begins. Particular emphasis will be on the parts where you, the client, feel pain. There’s no point in lying to me because the massage is so thorough that I’ll be able to identify any problem areas straight away.

What’s in my nurse’s tool kit?

The type of implements I find useful to help me with the treatment side are forceps, clamps and ties. Often bandages come in handy, as does a syringe. Rest assured I always ensure any oral medicine I administer tastes nice.

Double trouble at times

There are occasions when I have to ask for another nurse’s opinion, or I may even require her to help me with a particularly difficult and heavy manoeuvre. But you can let me know when you book an appointment if it’s a double consultation that you think you’ll need. You may also have a preference for this second nurse. The girl I usually work with is blonde, which makes a nice contrast to me I always think - although she’s not as striking in her uniform as I am. Of course that’s all a matter of opinion. But you’ll find I’m usually right…

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