Our Guide On Making The Best Impressions With Your Escort

Okay so today we will be covering the best ways in which you can make the most out of your escort booking with Chicky Escorts, be sure to read this and get all the tips you can get because we didn’t write this for no reason..

As a client it should be your number one priority to make a good impression with your girl as this is going to determine how well your night goes, things like punctuality, dress code and how you greet your escort are going to play a big part in this.

Impressions are everything, treat it like a job interview where you are trying to make them like you as soon as you walk through that door and you will have many great nights with our beautiful women.

Below we will now list the most important guidelines which will help you impress you escort and get the most from your booking:

Always Be Polite And Well Spoken To Our Girls

In reality we shouldn’t really have to tell you this but we have dealt with many rude clients in the past who have no respect for the girls and talk to them like they are nothing, every girl on here are beautiful inside and out and it takes a true gentlemen to see and appreciate this, talk to our girls like you would with you family the utmost respect and you will definitely be earning some extra brownie points with our girls.

Remember, being polite doesn’t cost you a penny and it can get you very far in life…

Dress Appropriately For Your Occasion

This really speaks for itself and it is all down to you to judge on what you should wear for your special evening, if you are going out for a meal at a high rated, posh London restaurant then a smart dress code would be appropriate, shirt, smart pants and black shoes would be a good start, our ladies will be turning up in their dresses and heels so you need to keep up the standards.

If our women are coming over to your place for a drink then you would most likely get away with smart/casual, polo, jeans and some smart trainers would see you through your escort booking with no problems at all.

Demonstrate Your Intelligence And Always Maintain Comfortable Eye Contact

Our ladies like to know that the man they are going out with is intelligent and is able to hold a decent conversation with them, they don’t really want to be chatting about what you are having for lunch tomorrow they want a more intellectual conversation which is of interest to them basically nothing to generic would be a great start.

We also recommend that when you are conversing with these girls that you are to try and maintain eye contact with her as much as possible, we understand that other parts of her body may be distracting such as her big bust or sexy long legs but she at least wants to know you are talking to her and not her large breasts…

Always Smile No Matter What The Situation May Be

When you first meet and greet with your escort, please smile and look happy no matter if this was what you expected or not, it’s not the girls fault and remember that she has took a chunk out of her day in order to get ready, do her hair, put her makeup on and look her very best for you, the very least you can do is smile, make her feel welcome and most importantly comfortable to be with you, smiles can be contagious so if she smiles back then it is a beginning to a mutually friendship relationship between the both of use.

Show That You Have A Sense Of Humour

Who doesn’t enjoy a man who can make his woman laugh really? Show our ladies that you can have a laugh and a good bit of banter and don’t always take things too seriously, laughter can be the best recipe to get out of them awkward and uncomfortable icebreakers, any nervousness or build up of anxiety can be released by just having a great laugh together so maybe even prepare some great jokes to make our ladies giggle with you and who knows they may have a couple of their own to share with you...

Show Your Escort You Are Kind And Considerate

When meeting and greeting with your girl then it would be a great idea to treat her to a little gift, of course you don’t have to go all out and buy her a new handbag and heels, just treat her to a bunch of flowers maybe or even some chocolates or a bottle of champagne.

At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts and this will also go hand in hand with giving of a great first impression to your girl and especially if you have plans to meet up with her.

Shower Your London Escort In Compliments

This is quite an important one and it also helps the girls relax and be at ease at the fact that they know if you are complimenting her then you must like her and are happy with the company she provides, when complimenting her though try not to just say “you have nice boobs by the way” or “you arse is perfect”, tell her that she has amazing eyes or a beautiful smile, tell her how nice her hair looks tonight, these are the type of things which these girls want to hear from you and of course it will give you some brownie points in the long run...

We can gurantee that if you are to follow all these steps which we have recommended at Chicky Escorts then you will have no problems what so ever with your escort booking and your date will be very impressed with how you have acted and treated her.