Booking an escort – who takes the lead?

Who do you want to take the lead when you book a sexy young escort for an evening of fun and entertainment – that’s the real question. But to the less experienced guy this can be something of a dilemma and he may not be sure exactly how to execute his desires and fantasies when, in the cold light of day (or night) he is actually presented with a stunningly beautiful young escort for the first time in his life. Not knowing how to progress or indeed, who should make the first move can be a little daunting for some guys so hopefully we can offer a word or two of advice that may well make your dream encounter with Chicky Escorts go as you hopefully planned that it would.

When actually faced with an escort then you will need to decide who you would prefer to be the dominant partner. Unless of course you have booked the services of a BDSM escort in which case you will already have a pretty good idea of who you want to call the shots during your evening of fun and games with your sexy new companion.

A BDSM escort will of course take the lead and more than likely start to make demands of you in order that you obey her. This is a big turn on for many guys and can be incredibly exciting when they have not really experienced domination before. Being told to strip to boxers for example, then kneel down and obey her demands has a certain excitement.

What if I want to take the lead with my escort?

If you are wanting to take the lead with your escort then that’s fine. Not necessarily through domination but you may quite simply have some things that you want to try and let’s be honest, if you don’t mention them to your escort then how is she going to know? Often a booking with an escort will involve her coming to your room in your hotel very discreetly then perhaps after walking in and getting to know you for a few minutes she will suggest that you may be more comfortable in just your boxer shorts. Then suggesting that you would be more comfortable on the bed she may offer a sensual and sexy massage to pamper you.

Great we say, but just think of the possibilities if roles were reversed. How exciting would it be to ask your escort to strip down to her ting G-string and lay on the bed. You would then have the opportunity to give her a massage. Not only will she enjoy this but it gives you a fantastic opportunity to both have a look and touch of her sexy young body,

You can potentially indulge yourself as long as you want in this erotic experience, asking her to flip over onto her back after a few minutes of attention. This can be quite breath taking, seeing a sexy young naked escort on your hotel bedroom and having the chance to look and feel every single part of her body. Heaven for both parties we think. But remember, if you don’t suggest it how will she know? And of course, if she doesn’t know what you want then he chances are highly likely that you won’t get what you want.

There may be many other things that you want to try out with your escort when she arrives. Maybe you have booked an OWO escort but do you simply expect her to get on with it, and if so when. If you have booked your high-quality escort for a couple of hours then the chances are that you will not want her to start on this highly arousing act at the start of the night.

So again, you will need to take the lead with your sexy escort and explain what it is that you really want from her. Escorts are both experienced as well as being considerate to your needs. They understand that you have booked them for your pleasure so they will happily listen to your requests and accommodate accordingly.

So, don’t be shy, tell her what you want and your night will be one to remember for sure.