Kensington is known for its Victorian architecture and the many museums which celebrate the love between Albert and Queen Victoria. This upscale area located next to Hyde Park and tourist attractions, such as the Natural History Museum or the Kensington Palace, is filled with classy pubs and luxurious restaurants.

Kensington's diverse atmosphere is also home to professional escorts who can become a gentleman's guide in central London. Whether you are looking to book an exotic looking brunette escort for a date night or you want to be accompanied by elegant and young Kensington escorts for a corporate event.

Chicky Escorts agency is going to help you find the girl you need. After you've booked her it's time to think where to go on your date and here are some of the finest places to spend your romantic evening in Kensington.

Enjoy Great Entertainment With A Kensington Escort

Opera is a good way to start your date with a Kensington escort and get to know each other. Opera Holland Park is known for bringing the best shows on the stage in Kensington. The performers are amazing and the orchestra is going to help you immerse into the productions, which come alive as soon as the show starts.

Wine And Dine With An Escort In Kensington

After getting into the mood for love, you can take your escort to one of the cozy restaurants in Kensington. Start light at the Babylon Kensington Roof Gardens, where you can admire the scenic view of London. Share your deepest fantasy with your lady while you sip one of the signature cocktails of Babylon. Another place where you can enjoy some amazing cocktails on your date is Genuine Liquorette.

The establishment is a mix between a bar and a shop, so you can order a cocktail and play with the flavors, until you find the one you like best, then, you can take it with you, to enjoy it later, when things get really heated between you and your chicky escort.

Launceston Place was Princess Diana's favorite restaurant, so you can also give it a try and see what it feels to be treated like royalty. The menu offers some interesting meals, like the grouse with fig, so you can try something you've never had before. Parabola is another restaurant in Kensington area where you can enjoy something different. By comparison with other places, Parabola's menu seems unpretentious, but book a dinner and you will see things are not what they look like. This is because famous Rowley Leigh is in charge of the fine dining at Parabola and he never disappoints. This means they have something in common with the professional girls from Chicky escorts, who are going to cater for all your needs behind closed doors.

Park Grand Kensington Hotel is the place where all your fantasies will come to life, as your escort will work her magic for the night. The hotel is praised on TripAdvisor for the exceptional service and the delicious food, so you will have nothing to complain about when you book your stay. The exquisite service is going to match your lady's elegance, making the entire experience one you will never forget.