London is known as the most expensive and interesting city in Europe and people who live in this city are indeed amazing. We believe that our Mayfair escorts are part of this incredible city and will provide you with a memorable experience on each date. Book your favorite lady and spend an evening with her in Mayfair, where the elegant architecture and the exquisite restaurants are going to make your date one of a kind.

Unwind and get to know your escort in Mayfair

The best place to get to know your lady is Songmaker, where you can have fun recording your own song. Just like the girls from Chicky Escorts, this studio offers something different, something you can only find in Mayfair. This elegant district of London is full of art galleries and high end coffee shops, so you can continue your date taking a private tour of the area, if you are both interested in history. For a more direct approach, you can head straight to the Playboy Club London, the ultimate sexy venue. Here, you can enjoy some intimate time with your Mayfair escort in a lavishing private room and serve the best drinks in town. The Club also has luxurious gambling opportunities, where the croupiers wear the iconic Playboy suits, that remember of the old Casino times.

Enjoy a drink a bite to eat at your local pub

All the walking is going to make you thirsty, so you can invite your escort to one of the bars or clubs in Mayfair. Mews Cocktail Bar welcomes its guests with an elegant background and a majestic marble fireplace, which makes it the best venue to exchange some hot ideas with your Mayfair escorts. The classic details of the bar mix with the amazing cocktails made by the bartender under your eyes. Another location where you can break the ice and get closer to your lady is the May Fair Bar. Skilled bartenders are going to create the best cocktails based on your desires. You can enjoy a martini or some champagne, followed by stylish appetizers. This immersive and luxurious experience is perfect for jump-starting your date and start heating things up, just in time for some flirty moments.

Romantic retreats are waiting for you and your Mayfair escort

Your memorable date is going to end inside a hotel room and one of the best in Mayfair are those of The Goring Hotel. Luxurious and romantic, it is the right spot to enjoy some sexy fun when the sun goes down. Still in the heart of Mayfair you can book a room at the fabulous Grosvenor House Suites by Jumeirah Living. The 5-star hotel overlooks Hyde Park, as well as some of the most exquisite boutiques. Despite being in a bustling city, Grosvenor House Suites provides all the intimacy you will need during your date with a Chicky Escort. Park Lane Apartments are another place where you can enjoy private hours with your escort in Mayfair. This couple's favorite is located in a restored period building. Each room has an elegant yet very modern design, making for a perfect background for your romantic date. Now that you know where to go, you can book one of the premium Chicky Escorts, who is going to provide you an unforgettable experience.